Vladimir Arsentyev (decomebel) wrote,
Vladimir Arsentyev

Concept of Raumplus 2013 Show Case

I deliberately selected the show case theme for the International Furniture Exhibition 2013 in ExpoCenter on Krasnaya Presnya. Most of Russian furniture manufactures make no reckoning of popular tendencies and interests of the consumers and ignore enormous target audience comprising potential clients. One of the most popular trends and, sometimes, needs in Russia is a bicycle. New bicycle parking lots near metro stations and business centers as well as in parks and public gardens speak for increasing popularity of bicycles in Russia. Bicycle paths, bicycle excursions, mass bicycle rides prove the growing popularity of this transportation mode. Number of manufactured and sold bicycles exceeds the number of manufactured and sold cars by several times.
Huge target audience lacks an adequate offer. Storage of a bicycle at home is still a problem for many people.
I have provided several solutions for the Raumplus furniture company show case. The solutions are based on the Rima interior system. Previously, this system was used as a library only; which shows its load withstandability. The solution shows that Rima functions not only as a rack, but it may also be used as a rack cabinet for a bicycle; it can also be used as an entry bench or in sitting rooms.
Bicycle is fixed to the holes on the moving section side panels. Retainers can be provided for vertical storage. Moving section offers easy access to stationary part of interior system. The cabinet can be designed and manufactured in accordance with specific bicycle and space sizes.
The entire mobile Show Case was also decorated in specific ‘cycling' style: wheel-like clocks, pillows with bicycle prints, stylized bicycles of various periods. The penny-farthing (high wheeler)-styled sliding door roller was used on corporate printed outputs – disks, corporate booklets and calendars.
Those who could not visit the exhibition can visit the company’s site to read the article which describes solutions for bicycle storage; the text is supported with photographs of the show case. The proposed ideas allow attracting new clients and increase the number of site visitors: they will also be helpful to those bicycle owners who want to design their living space.


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My personal goal is to create not only interior and furniture design, but also memorable concepts underlined by the latest social trends and existing community needs. I believe that it is important to create such furniture that offers maximum comfort, lifestyle experience and positive emotions to its users.

V.A. Arsentyev

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